Thursday September 30, 2021 — Manhattan, New York

(Format inspired by Tom MacWright’s posts of the same name — this is essentally a monthly reflection)

A cat sitting on a roof.

I’ve been in NYC for about half of this month, which has been nice — I’m enjoying catching up with a few friends and visiting all my old haunts. (If you are in NYC and would like to say hi — email me! I’m here for 11 more days.) got a sort of popular, which has been mostly a little stressful — it got posted to hacker news, and the people there just have much less interesting thoughts than the people who were using it before. Things have settled down, though, and it’s still a lot of fun to see what people are posting. It’s also “profitable,” netting me a whole $2.10 per month. I think my biggest mistake was letting people join the webring immediately when they joined, which made it really obvious when there was an influx of new people, which made the existing people feel less safe posting their thoughts. Now people have to wait three days after they join to join the webring, which I think will improve things for the future.

A tag reading "I'M YOUR NEW TREE", which contains information about the tree it's attached to.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what 2022 will look like for me. I would love to build a dwelling for myself, and I’ve started looking at land much more seriously than I have in the past. I’m not sure that 2022 will be the year for that, but it’s an appealing possibility. Some other potential aspirations and options include:

Sequencing is obviously an important consideration here: building a dwelling is likely close to a year-long commitment if I’m serious about it (and potentially much much longer), and building a business is something I’d expect to take several years to get to a point that’s stable, at a minimum.

A machine titled "The Worry Crusher", designed to crush pieces of paper representing people's worries.

I’ve been reading a lot recently. Some highlights:

In non-book reading, I enjoyed:

Probably other things too, that I’ve simply forgotten about. For the past few days I’ve been journaling, and saving the things that I read each day, which makes me realize how many things I’m reading and simply forgetting about.

A picture of Wesley Aptekar-Cassels standing in a rectangular metal sculpture.

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