2022 in Books

Friday January 20, 2023 — Brooklyn, New York

2022 was a reasonable year for reading, for me. Not including books I abandoned or reread, short stories not included in collections, etc, I read 15 books (that I’ve managed to remember or find notes on). Highlights include The Dispossessed, A Psalm for the Wild-Built, Turn This World Inside Out, Exhalation, Convenience Store Woman, and The Lathe of Heaven.

The complete list, in order:

Other notable items that I read but which don’t fall into the catogory of “standalone books that I finished for the first time this year” include:

I would like to read more books in 2023. For the first few months of 2022 I was reading several books a month, which seems like a good pace, and I read maybe half a dozen books in a single week in July, in a beautiful and secluded cabin in Norway, but I read almost nothing for the last half of the year, I think mostly due to some pretty bad depression. I’d like to more consistently read at least a book or two a month in 2023.