Finding Things

Saturday July 25, 2020 — Brooklyn, New York

I’ve been feeling lonely and disconnected lately. Maybe you could tell? I’ve been away for a little while.

One of the things that makes me happier in these moods is lazily perusing the unimaginably vast catalogue of human emotion and creativity that is the internet. This has been made more and more difficult as the years crawl by — scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and Reddit feels monotonous and boring, stuck in a rut. Tumblr is maybe a little better — the aesthetics that are cultivated there are not the corporate-friendly bright colors and washed out emotions variety, but even that is slowly dying.

So where to turn to, as one by one every good place is slowly eaten from the inside?

Start anywhere. Click links. The stranger the better.

Keep going.

Instinctual creativity has to go somewhere, it’s out there.

Build your map, slowly, node by node.

Don’t be scared of tabs. You’re like a slime mold, slowly extruding gently feeling tendrils throughout a vast maze, searching for interesting spaces.

And once you’ve done some exploring, once you’ve drawn your map — why not put down a few small nodes of your own?

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some spaces from today’s journey: Petal, Molly, The Mouse Holds Us, ERG, middlepot, Astronomy Picture of the Day, asirgado, Library of Babel, Found Photos, Pointer Pointer.

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