Tuesday July 7, 2020 — Brooklyn, New York

I’ve decided to start a notebook blog, inspired by David R. MacIver’s notebook.Which is excellent, and I highly recommend I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the places that I have available for me to write: my blog, thoughts, twitter, twitter alt, RC zulip, mailing list, and several others. With so many places to write, why make one more? But different mediums are good for different things, and I had no good medium for longform, public, nontechnical writing — so here we are. I’ve also been meaning to write more often — I enjoy writing, and I have lots of ideas, but my ideas mostly sit idle until I end up in a conversation where they are relevant. While I enjoy this mode of operation, it does in some ways slow down my thinking — writing ideas down is a valuable part of the thinking process, and it’s one that I’m mostly missing out on.

Since I’ve been lacking writing so much, I am going to attempt a daily writing practice, at least at first. I expect entries to be about things that I’m thinking about, books that I’m reading, or responses to random prompts (perhaps tarot pulls?)

I look forward to it, and I hope you enjoy as well.