A Few NYC Places

Friday July 23, 2021 — San Francisco, California

Mmuseumm 4 Cortlandt Alley, Manhattan

A museum contained entirely within a freight elevator — its collection changes periodically, but is always bizarre.

Bluestockings 116 Suffolk St, Manhattan

One of the best bookstores in town, and a nice spot to hang out and meet all the cool art queers.

Dream House 275 Church St, Manhattan

Pink lights. A constant droning noise. Incense. Pillows and carpet. What more can you ask for?

Wonderville 1186 Broadway, Brooklyn

Barcade where all the cool indie arcade cabinets live. The spot to get your Killer Queen in once you’ve quit your miserable Google job. Also the bouncer was chill and let me in after I showed him my ID that said I was underage so that’s neat?

Unnameable books 600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

Mostly used, but excellently pretentious nonetheless. Probably the second best bookstore in town. Also right next to Ample Hills, as a bonus.    (just ignore the whole “Steve Jobs Of Ice Cream” thing)

Cactus Store 5 Essex St, Manhattan

If you’re interested in buying a cactus you’ve come to the right place.

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