Writing Substrates

Thursday July 16, 2020 — Brooklyn, New York

I mentioned in my introduction that I have a lot of places to write already, but they all feel pretty different. I realize that I’ve never actually tried to define how each substrate for writing feels, so this is an attempt to take a look at how I interact with each of the places I write, and what works well and doesn’t work well about each of them.


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Mailing list

I started a mailing list a while ago. I wrote the software myself so it’s very cumbersome to use and I sent one post with it and had to deal with Gmail spam filtering and just sort of stopped. I would like to get back to it, but my focus is on my notebook right now.

Recurse Center Zulip

The Recurse Center’s Zulip chat instance has lots of streams that I like, but I have a particular affinity for #consciousness,The “stream of consciousness,” get it? It’s very funny :) where every person has their own thread for talking about whatever’s on their mind. There’s a sort of community, where people will respond to each other’s posts, but the community is small and nice enough that feels good.

I don’t really have a conclusion here — it’s mostly just nice to think about where I have to write and what makes different places nice. One thing that I want more of is writing in small communities, where I get comments from a consistent and friendly group of people. But right now, I think I’ll just focus on my notebook. I’ve been getting nice comments from friends already, and it’s been really satisfying to write so far.

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